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Harrison Headeres

Yay we finally have a Harrison! **NOTE** that is probably one of the only times you will ever see me excited about Harrison. Anyway...I agreed to try to make a Harrison header for the occasion so I'm posting them. You may notice the firs two have to two pics of Sam, but in the game, Sam has a twin as I have mentioned before. For all of you out there that may want to use it because you love Harrison, then I made normal ones with just one pic of Sam.

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Want them? Take them!


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icons & update

Hi. I think most of you know why I've been pretty absent of late, but if not, here's the Reader's Digest version: my winter break sucked. A whole lot. It was like an endurance trial.

Anyway, school starts again on Wednesday, and hopefully I'll be ready to get back into the game within a few days of that. So. Not dead, just . . . mostly dead.

Also, I made an icon post at popularicons, but I thought you guys might be interested, too, and I didn't know whether everyone here was a member, so . . . well, it couldn't hurt to repost. So, Collapse )

I'm really looking forward to playing with you guys again, and I apologize for my absence, but my life of late has been the suck. Believe me, you wouldn't have wanted me for company.


P.S. Teara, I'm totally going to finish your story; I've got five or six pages done already, but then there was, you know, the mostly dead thing. <3

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